Screechers Wild Premiere and Launch
5e designs and builds the site for the original IP  - 1/5/18
Thunder Studios New Site Launches!
5 Elements Created This Beautiful Site - 6/9/17
5 Elements Creates Pac Pro Football Site
This brand new development league is helping young athletes become ready for the NFL - 1/9/17
5e Contracted By Guthy Renker For Several Projects
5 Elements is creating a number of projects for Guthy Renker including narrative scrolling and product sites  - 11/9/2016
Wasabi Makes Its Debut At Walker Stalker Con In Atlanta!
5e debuts its social media amplification to a live audience of 43,000.  - 10/10/2017
Strategic Partnership With Thunder Studios
5 Elements has expanded its partnership with Thunder Studios to include a closer relationship including office space at the Thunder headquarters. - 3/16/2016
Brandingo/SmartTones Project
In partnership with Brandwood Global, we are creating Brandingo. The sales portal that ties directly with branded contemt and influencers. - 3/23/2016
5e Acquires 'Ferazel's Wand' and 'Harry the Handsome Executive'
These games were developed by our partner Ben Spees and originally released by Ambrosia Software. Plans are underway to revamp and re-release the games in updated and expanded form. 12/10/2015
Emoji Says Project With 405
We are launching a new game show/board game/mobile app in partnership with Los Angeles-based 405 Productions - 8/25/2015
FoxSports Releases GameTrax Football
5e created this awesome NFL/NCAA live real-time visualizer and analytics app just in time for the 2014 pre-season games. - 8/6/2014
Fox Sports Releases GameTrax Football
5e created this great NFL/NCAA Football Visualizer with real time action and data just in time for the NFL 2014 pre-season games - 8/6/2014
FightTrax Being Used For Broadcast Analysis
The broadcast arm of Fox Sports has begun to use Fighttrax for fight analysis on air - 7/11/2014
FightTrax Brings Real Time Statistics And Data To UFC Action
The fight game and fighters have grown increasingly technical and strategic over the last 20 years - 2/21/2014