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Ben Spees | 5 Elements Entertainment | A Creative Agency


Ben Spees

Chief Technical Officer

Technical Director & Designer with 15 years experience in the game industry. An innovative programmer and game designer since his teenage years, Ben tackles both technical and creative challenges with equal relish. His range of experience has covered nearly every aspect of technical development, resulting in a roster of successful projects, ranging from small-scale indie apps to AAA game development.

Past Projects Include

  • GRCLive
  • Istaria (aka Horizons: Empires of Istaria)
  • Mud Slinger
  • Pitching Woo
  • 5 Elements Feng Shui compass
  • iMock
  • Kau Cim the Chinese fortune sticks
  • Tiny Toots
  • TxtFighter
  • FightTrax
  • GameTrax
  • Horizons
  • Ferazel's Wand
  • Deimos Rising
  • Harry The Handsome Executive
  • Derrat Sorcerum