App Development



Create a full-fledged Twitter client featuring a unique gaming system that awards real-world prizes for successfully competing in various tweet-based word games.

Unique Project Challenges:

  • Communicate with various mobile and web-based clients
  • Continual updates to support Twitter API changes with minimal impact.
  • Create a web based admin panel that allows for easy building, tracking, and administration of multiple simultaneous contests.
  • Develop a game UI that allows for communication with the game server, and Twitter, supporting all typical Twitter client features, while at the same time supporting in-app purchases and customizable gameplay.

Follow Up

After the original client ran out of funding, 5 Elements stepped in to acquire the Zapt product and IP. Seeing the potential for Zapt as a powerful engagement tool for companies that create or distribute entertainment, 5 Elements has begun to present these options to potential clients. Applications include contests based on live sports and other competitive events, film and TV, and other social marketing opportunities.