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App Development



To design and develop a cross platform app that can listen for embedded audio watermarks in broadcast or digital video. The tones trigger actions within the app to directly purchase merchandise featured in that video.

Unique Project Challenges

  • Contrary to current trends, we made a decision to build this app in native iOS and Android environments rather than using a 3rd party environment like Unity. This decision was made in part because the nature of the app is light on UI/UX and uses services that are very specific to each platform making cost savings minimal.
  • Managing and producing the product with several stakeholder companies each with an equal interest and say in the product. Our focus was to ensure that each party?s needs and expectations were met.
  • Adapting the app to be able to 'listen' for the audio watermarks in a variety of circumstances: externally from the mobile device by broadcast from a TV or computer, inter-application by playing a video stream in a 3rd party app or web page on the device, and intra-application through an in-app video player.

Follow Up

  • The clients became a strategic partner for our Wasabi Social Engagement Tool. Incorporating Wasabi into Brandingo adds value to both products. For Brandingo, it furthers the apps ability to amplify engagement through skill based contests based on the subject matter of specific Brandingo campaigns, and Wasabi gains a strong partner that can bring Wasabi into one of its strongest markets, broadcast TV.